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Sleeping in on Saturday

Title: Sleeping in on Saturday.
Word Count: 430 on the dot.
Theme: love
Paring: Mark/Joanne
Warnings: the s and hit word make an appearance briefly
Summary: Mark and Joanne oversleep one morning.

The sun was completely visible above the New York skyline. Mark should have been up by now, with a few coffee stains on his apron from the Life Cafe. And Joanne should have already finished a briefing with the boss, who liked to check up on her all too often.

But not today.

Today they both overslept. The sun crept menacingly through the partially pulled curtains, warming their uncovered feet.

The alarm clock sprang to life instantly, and a mass of tangled hands, legs, and feet shot up.

"Wha -" Mark mumbled, grabbing his glasses quickly. Joanne rolled over, clumsily, turning off the old fashioned alarm clock.

"Mark! It's past noon!" Joanne shouted in a frenzied voice.

"Oh, shit. Shit. Shit. Shit." Mark said, hopping out of bed. "I'm going to get fired."

"So am I." Joanne added. She never showed up late.

Never. Usually early. And sometimes just on time. But never late.

Joanne and Mark both went to the bathroom and grabbed their respective toothbrushes. Crammed together in one mirror, Joanne tried to pull some of her curls back to life while Mark attempted to master the art of brushing his teeth and putting in eye drops at the same time. It wasn't exactly working out.

Joanne finished brushing her teeth, and returned her toothbrush to the cup. She walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen area, gathering the legal pad and blindingly white sheets of legal documents. She stacked them up neatly and threw them into her briefcase.

One of the documents caught her eye, so much that she picked it up and walked into the bathroom.

"Read this." Joanne said, a smirk beginning on her face. He took the paper from her hand and began to say something, still trying to hold the toothpaste inside his mouth. "Spit." he did so and wiped at his mouth.

"I said, it's Saturday." Mark repeated.

"Exactly...I'm going back to bed." Joanne replied.

Joanne crawled back into the large bed, only taking up a fraction of the middle. Mark slid in behind her and wrapped his arms around her middle a few moments later.

"Joanne?" Mark questioned.

"Hmm?" she mumbled, without even opening her eyes.

"I love you," he said, burying his face into her brown curls.

His heart was racing, even though he'd said it many times before. As if sensing his anticipation, she scooted closer to him, their body's fitting like spoons. She entwined her fingers in his and squeezed his hands lightly.

"I love you too, Mark."

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